Who we are

Our organization’s beginnings in peasant farming, cultivating for consumption, and the establishment of commercial farms may be traced back to 2010. From these modest beginnings, research and development enabled us to determine the value of coconut. Since then, we have researched all the advantages of coconuts, created the most dynamic supply chain, and used the most advanced machinery to make top-quality coconut products for the domestic and global markets.

our Products/Services

Coconut Oil

We produce copra oil, virgin coconut oil & RBD coconut oil.

Charcoal Briquettes

Our briquettes are good for shisha, BBQ and Grills

coco Coir

We use the husks of the coconut to produce coir. It’s amazing.


Every week, we export about 250,000 coconuts across the globe

our Team

We are made up of high level industrial experts. This is the reason for the thrive.

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Great Customer Experience

“I realised that they do not only have quality products, they also have good customer support. From the time I was contacted till when I bought and even now, doing business with them is easy and fun.”

Alicia Regnier